Formed in 2004
Aim To ensure the highest quality of customer service with a focus on people as well as property, and to offer an unrivalled local expertise.
Vision Continue to successfully match people to properties, carefully tailoring the information on our extensive database of property details and client requirements.
Immense experience in the property market matched by our up to date knowledge of the local amenities in West Wales, so we can give our clients the widest possible picture, not just of property but of the area too.

At Khan Home Rental we offer comprehensive lettings and property management services for landlords. Working both for private owners and corporate bodies here and overseas, we maintain an impressive roster of quality tenants together with a wide range of tenancies from short stay to long term. Our efficient team of lettings agents advises on all aspects of the lettings process from expected market rent and property presentation to credit checks on tenants and legislation changes governing landlords; whilst our experienced property management team deals with all aspects of day to day management.